Craps strategies: basic rules and rates

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Originating in America (presumably at the end of the 18th century in New Orleans), the table craps casino craps quite soon crossed the ocean and gained popularity first in Europe and later in the world. Until now, interest in this game has not died out.

Almost every casino will offer you this exciting and dynamic game and suggest few ways how to win at craps. And, there are a lot of options for this game in the dice, so it’s important to read the rules and game conditions for each version. But there are general rules, craps strategies, stakes, goals and conditions for playing craps for all options. This is the subject of the article.

  • The number of players is unlimited.
  • The number of dices is two for a throw.
  • The number of stages – from one to two (the game develops depending on the loss on the dices of this or that combination – the sum of numbers).

Craps for beginners

Beginners are quite difficult to get into the rules right away, because the noisy atmosphere around craps tables – roaring, squealing, laughing – does not give focus. But craps are not created for the concentrated and closed people. This is a bright and open game. Yes, and its pace is fast enough, not comparable to elegant roulette or playing cards, where an open expression of emotion is not welcome. Craps, on the other hand, has unfamiliar people to communicate: they begin to “root” for the thrower, vigorously rejoicing in the rolls that make you win at craps . Do not lag the players and spectators’ dealer, the leading game (stikmen). For him, even there are certain “chants” that accompany the process of the game. Perhaps, Stickman – the noisiest dealer in the casino. If you happen to visit a land-based casino and play craps, perhaps you even pay attention to the manner very quickly (patter) to pronounce these phrases.

But, at first glance, the seeming complexity of playing and craps strategies (a variety of bets, English terminology, intricate table layout, constant throws, bustle with chips, leapfrog with bets) will not be so repulsive if you first study the canvas of the game, the general rules in craps and understand its essence.

Craps equipment

craps equipment

Game field craps (English Craps) in the online casino software Playtech.

To play in craps, you need a large special game table of elongated shape with rounded corners. At the mini-table for craps, twelve people can play simultaneously, but there are also standard tables, where twice as many players can participate in the game.

The edges of the sides of the table are high so that the dices do not fall out when they are thrown. The inner boards (except for the box for casino chips) are trimmed with a special ribbed material of rubber, so that the dices bounce off and at the same time are not damaged and do not fly over the sides. In the edges of the sides, from the side of the table where the players are standing, special grooves are made with sectors where the players can put their chips.

The game field of the craps table is covered with a cloth and marked with betting sectors. The betting field on the game table is divided into three parts: two symmetrical base fields along the edges, and there is one more in between.

The central field is the field for bets on one throw arrow. Often in the markup of this field, there are dices in the form of dots (indices), and not just numbers. Bets on this field accepts and exposes only stickman.

Base fields or base – fields for bets on the line. Casino rules allow players to independently bet on this field.

Special markers – On / Off – for playing craps.

Dice in craps are hexagonal dices with straight angles. Dices for craps in the casino are large – with facets 1,9-2 cm – made of acrylic. They are polished to achieve the ideal face surface and transparency of the cube. On each face, indices (dots) are marked, denoting numbers from 1 to 6. The indices during drilling are drilled and poured with the same acrylic, but of a different color. This achieves an accurate balancing of the cube. On the table beside the stickman there is a set of 5 dices and a bowl for them, which has its name – a boat. By stick, he pushes the dice to the arrow player so that he chooses two of five for the throw.

Pax (English Pucks) – game markers. These are two large black and white plastic washers with a diameter of about 5 cm with the inscriptions ON on one side and OFF on the other. Depending on the situation in the game, dealers put them on the playing field with the right side to show whether the bet is working or not. Sometimes these pucks are called Point. If the washer on the number is ON on top, it means that this number is point, and that it “plays” in the second stage. The inscription OFF means “offside”. With this side, the marker is placed in the corner of the table onto the sector DO NOT COME BAR, at the end of the shots on the point.

The course of the game in craps: how to win at craps

Choosing dices


As already mentioned above, in the craps of the stickman on the table is a set of five dices. Before the throw is made, the stickman moves all five dices stick to the arrow so that he selects two for the throw.

Roll or Roll (English Roll) – the main action in the game in craps. Throws only the shooter, one hand – the one that was taken from the dices from the table. Dices cannot be shifted from hand to hand. A throw is considered complete if at least one bone of two hits the opposite side of the arrow, and both dices remain on the table.

Set Point – put the marker on the Point number on the Across Line line. This action is performed by dealers on the base fields before the starts of the shots in the second stage of the game.

Before making bets in craps, players must exchange money for chips from the boxman at the gaming table.

Exchange of money for casino chips

Before you join the game (make bets), you need to exchange money for casino chips. Usually this happens at the craps table. Money for chips changes boxman at any time between rolls of dices. Having received the chips, the player can hold them in their hands, or put them next to themselves on the table (but not on the layout of the field) or put in special grooves for chips that are located on the sides of the table. The latter option is preferable.

Crap rates

craps odds

Unlike roulette, where the advantage of the casino at all rates is the same (except for betting on equal chances with the rule of “prison”), in crap the advantage of the casino at different rates is significantly different. The player is important to know and understand where it is desirable or not desirable to bet. And to begin with, find out what the basic crap rates are, how to place a bet, and, most importantly, at what point in the game.

Craps options

Gambling, where one of the attributes of the game are the dices, and the main action – a roll of dices, in the world there is a lot. Dice games abound in various variations. But it is customary to single out individual dice games in groups when there are general rules for them, subject to a single principle. Craps is such a group. Once upon a time, maybe there was only one version of this game. But the popularity of craps has spawned a variety of options, where the basic rules of this game of dice are complemented by special ones and craps strategies are constantly changing.

In the US, craps is one of the most popular and favorite games in the casino. The most popular options for craps in this country are private craps and bank craps.

That’s it for the craps strategies. Easy, right? Time for you to win at craps!

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