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How to win at craps and place your best craps bets

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Dice – this is exactly the game in which everything, absolutely everything depends on your luck!

Both from the player and the dealer, there is no way to determine or influence the outcome of the game. warns: do not let anyone dissuade you in this! Better read this article carefully, and, quite possibly, bones, will become your favorite gambling entertainment. We will tell you about a strategy that gives an advantage over those players who think they cannot do anything and cross their fingers behind their backs, spit over their shoulders, cross themselves and play blindly.

Basic craps strategy

discipline betting

Keep discipline

Basic craps strategy is… well, basic. The best thing you can do when playing dice is to keep discipline. All the best dice players follow this rule. In the bones, you must take for yourself two limitations. It comes down to how much you are willing to lose and how much you want to win. Of course, you want to win as much as possible. Every player wants this. The fact is that your luck can change you very quickly. You should not continue only because you are in a band of luck. Never be greedy. Set a win or loss limit of 20%. Your decision on how much to put depends on the thickness of your wallet. You should be doubly careful when gambling on credit because if you lose, you will have to pay back money and the fact that you are playing on credit may mean that you will not have the money to pay it.

Use the money management system

money management

Setting up a sound money management system is also a good way to save yourself. Remember that the sense of the basic craps strategy of the game is not so much to gain as to protect yourself from losses. For example, Martingale’s methods and doubling are very good for money management, but you must have a spare and another system that works just as well. You need to work with the system with which you feel comfortable. You must adhere to the limits that you set for yourself, as it instills discipline.

Bet wisely

betting wisely

When you start playing, you should not allow your best craps bets to exceed 1/20 of what you have. If you want the game to last a little longer, you can limit even one-fifth of your capital. This is also a safe way to play. For example, in dice at $ 5, you must have an amount equal to $ 200. This not only gives you the chance to finish the game in the black, even if you started badly, but also reduces the likelihood of releasing everything and too quickly.

Basic craps strategy draws your attention to the fact that best craps bets are, first of all, knowledge and understanding of the principles of rates in a game of chance. Remember that in most games, there are only a small number of bets in which the casino advantage is small. Some of them are available to you in the bones, and you should use your abilities to the maximum.

More experienced players in the dice try to stick to current rates or a line of past bets, since their odds are already formed. You will also notice that these players make their best craps bets mostly on 6 and 8. This basic craps strategy does not guarantee a big win in a short time, but you will leave the game with a smile on your face if you show patience.

More complex rates require that you insure them. This is a classic catch-22, because the bet insurance allows you to exercise more control over the game, and payments in this case are similar to other betting options.

Keep calm

We don’t want to sound banal, but a lot of players are nervous when things are not going according to a pre-planned scheme. It is impossible to conduct a coherent and coherent game when you are in a state of nervous tension. When you lose money in an attempt to recoup, the scenario of the next game may look deplorable. If you are in a state of nervous tension, then most likely, you make the wrong decision. If you are not sure whether you like bones or not, play first in the free version (many online casinos offer a free version of the game). Feel and feel the dice. You should be completely sure that the game you like and you do not feel fear of the risk of losing money.

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